Get Ready to be Pressured 24/7 to take the Toxic Covid-19 Vaccine

We are about to witness another psyop within a bigger psyop.

The lies are unending. The idea that mandatory vaccines are coming is the next psyop. The POTUS made a statement that vaccines will be delivered by the military with warp speed. You’ll notice he didn’t say that vaccines will be made mandatory, and troops will forcefully administer the products to willing and unwilling citizens. The POTUS leaves the scenario up to your imagination that is heavily influenced by the network programming people watch around the clock.

We are being played yet again. Don’t fall for it. The controlling powers bluff and lie about everything, and most people fall for the lies hook, line, and sinker.

Every single elected American leader is on board with the world pandemic fakery. Lose the idea that Democrats and Republicans are different from one another. They are in the same club — and you’re not!

Get Ready to be Pressured 24/7 to take the Toxic Covid-19 Vaccine –