WORLD WAR ‘C’: These 5 Countries are the Real COVID-19 ‘Success Stories’

As for the “masks stop the spread” narrative, an antibody study out of Kobe City, Japan largely debunked the idea that the virus isn’t widespread in the nation. They found that hundreds of times more people were infected than actual confirmed numbers, largely disproving the hypothesis that masks stopped the spread.

Japan has only conducted a little over half a million tests, in a nation of 125 million people. Only those with severe symptoms are tested. Their “keep calm and carry on” approach approach is working.

Taiwan: Similar to Japan, Taiwan simply isn’t testing much of the population, and the country remains open for business. Taiwan, a nation of about 24 million people, has only conducted around 80,000 tests. Society remains open with few restrictions. Professional sports are back, and only sick people are tested.

WORLD WAR ‘C’: These 5 Countries are the Real COVID-19 ‘Success Stories’ | RIELPOLITIK