A Critical analysis of SpaceX Starship


news-092919b-lg Musk’s Starship looks impressive….but will it work?

I came across this video series from a Vlogger (common sense sceptic) critiquing Elon Musk’s Mars programme and his plans for a Mars colony. I would give it a look, its actually quite informative. They also look at the Gateway foundation, pointing to several serious technical flaws in their proposals as well…plus the fact that the foundation’s mailing address isn’t a engineering firm or a airport hangar, but a PO box in a strip mall!

The series highlights a number of the major problems with the Starship spacecraft. Notably the fact it can’t accommodate anything close to the 100 people Musk proposes, when you work out how much food & water they will need enroute (based on NASA data and the likely volume required per crew, a max of 17 per trip is a more likely figure). There’s also a potential…

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