Virus Insanity: the Obvious Absurdity of It All – LewRockwell

While this plot had been earlier designed, and had been incrementally introduced to the public over a long period of time, it has been aggressively implemented this year. Something this large and ominous would never have been possible in the past, but today it seems to have been an easy task to fool the majority of people into accepting submission, and in turn, they followed orders to an extent so grand that the entirety of this country’s core, as well as most others, has been horribly altered, and all for a lie.

Look at the steps being taken around the world, and understand that all the tyranny and oppression seen in individual countries will soon consume all countries. Every measure taken in China, in Europe, in Australia, in Asia, and elsewhere, including the United States, will not long be isolated to one country or another, but will be the norm everywhere. This is the plan, and it is not accidental, as many of the totalitarian measures being forced on the people around the world are tests to judge compliance, and if successfully implemented in one country, will be transferred to all in time. Just consider the beginning of this fiasco, and the acceptance by western societies of the Chinese methods that were falsely claimed successful, and therefore were said to be important to use everywhere.

This included mass lockdowns, quarantine, surveillance, tracking, tracing, deadly mask-wearing, economic destruction at all but the highest levels, and much more. All those things were put into place around the world, including in the U.S. At the time, people in this country scoffed at such tyranny, but very quickly were fooled into accepting it without question. All it took was fear of the flu in order to bring China policy to the U.S. It should be apparent by now that all world powers are working hand in hand to fool their populations into accepting their own slavery, and relinquishing their freedoms due to false fear.

Virus Insanity: the Obvious Absurdity of It All – LewRockwell