DDT Creates ‘New Normal’

Nel's New Day

Tonight, I watched the first night of the 2020 Democratic convention, “We the People.” Some of the clips made me cry, and the event made me proud of my political party. As a production, it was well-paced, giving an amazing new dimension to these four-year events that had devolved into long speeches and lots of clapping. As a message, it presented hope for a future after years and years of insanity and bizarre happenings—even trying to destroy the media and all the government institutions, especially the 267-year-old mail delivery system of the United States which began 22 years before the United States. Meanwhile, Dictator Donald Trump (DDT) continues with his rage against democracy and the possibility he might lose the November election.

As he continues his demented behavior, the country keeps regarding his actions as “normal”:

After Democrats wanted to give money in a stimulus bill to people who are…

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