New Handles Cause Blisters – Friends Journal

To conclude, there is a saying in my mother tongue: “A new hoe handle causes blisters.” Meaning change isn’t easy, but at the end of the day, you get used to it. Now I see the difference in our worship as a new opportunity for learning. I have been enjoying the silent worship, and it has improved me as a person. There have been so many Quaker programs that have brought together Friends from both programmed and unprogrammed meetings. Personally I worked with so many unprogrammed Friends, and in our work, our values always took center stage. I think the more we’re involved in Quaker programs—especially youth from different sections of Quakerism—there is a good opportunity to learn from one another. Promoting pilgrimage programs that bring together both programmed and unprogrammed Friends will help us embrace those differences as well teach us to focus more on our commonality, and grow through the process.

New Handles Cause Blisters – Friends Journal