The Real Problem With COVID-19 Vaccines

All six Western pharmaceutical corporations have backgrounds of impropriety. Four of the six are convicted – not accused of or suspected of – but convicted of criminality ranging from falsifying research, the bribing of doctors, regulators, legislatures, and even law enforcement officials, to the marketing of drugs to children for conditions not approved of by regulators, and false advertising – just to mention a few.

One company is accused of recently manipulating the stock market as part of its inclusion in “Operation Warp Speed.” The last company simply takes US government money by the billions and produces nothing.

A normal person would not likely trust a convicted criminal – recently released from prison – walking up to their front door and injecting an unknown substance into their body claiming it protects them from some sort of disease or condition.

Yet that is precisely what the West does when they roll up their sleeves to be injected by substances created by pharmaceutical corporations repeatedly convicted of the worst possible crimes such businesses could commit.

The difference of course is a criminal walking up to you on the street raises immediate red flags.

A criminal corporation hiding behind bribed doctors with clean white coats, certificates affixed to their walls, professional, clean, and well-light examination rooms, stamps of approval from government regulators, and all the other facades of modern Western healthcare – lulls the public into a false sense of trust and safety these corporations and their products do not deserve.

Natural Blaze The Real Problem With COVID-19 Vaccines