Walking labyrinths in Washington State – Greater Seattle on the Cheap

A labyrinth is a single, methodical path leading to a center point. Although a labyrinth is like a maze in appearance, unlike a maze it has only one path (unicursal) and no dead ends. There’s no getting lost in a labyrinth.

These pathways have been used for thousands of years for various rituals and ceremonies. Labyrinths can be used as a walking meditation for personal reflection, psychological introspection, or spiritual contemplation and prayer. Walking a labyrinth is also thought to enhance right-brain activity.

You begin a labyrinth walk at the only entrance (and exit) and proceed along the path. At the center, you pause. Finally, you turn around and walk back out again. If using the labyrinth as a meditation, during the walk into the center, you might shed worries or ask a question. At the center, you receive what is there for you (balance, awareness, clarity, connection, an answer, etc.). On the return you may feel relaxed or experience energy. There is no right or wrong way to walk a labyrinth. You can walk a labyrinth for different reasons and have a different experience every time you do so.

Walking labyrinths in Washington State – Greater Seattle on the Cheap