Navajo Nation residents face coronavirus without running water – CBS News

About 30% of the population in the Navajo Nation does not have running water in their homes during a time when hand-washing is critical. It also has one of the highest COVID-19 infection rates per capita in the U.S. 

In response, the Navajo Nation quickly instated the country’s most extensive lockdown orders, but inadequate infrastructure and lack of access to basic needs is intensifying the crisis. Homes without running water may only have a 50-gallon tank to siphon water out of, requiring careful use at a time when families can’t afford to ration water.

George McGraw is the founder of DigDeep, a nonprofit focused on water access issues. He said the Navajo Nation isn’t alone: Over 2 million Americans across all 50 states don’t have any running water or a flush toilet at home, but Native Americans have trouble accessing water more than any other group.   

Navajo Nation residents face coronavirus without running water – CBS News

Bottom line, lock downs do not work in third world countries or areas like this, where people have to go out every day for food and water.