Abolish ICE! | American Friends Service Committee

AFSC joins with people across the country in calling for the abolition of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)—and we hope you will join us.  ICE has a long history of separating families, violating human rights, and terrorizing our communities. It’s time to stop its abuses once and for all. 

Now, over 2,000 children have been kidnapped by ICE and separated from their families, asylum seekers at the border, just trying to seek safety. These children have been deeply traumatized, and even if they are returned to their families, the scars of such separations will be felt for a long time. Building on the ICE infrastructure constructed by the Obama administration (he deported 2.6 million people), the Trump administration has escalated its targeting and abuse of immigrants, and created horrifying concentration camp tent facilities to house immigrant children.

The current crisis is, unfortunately, nothing new. People in positions of power in this country have been enacting the violence of colonialism and white supremacy since its founding. Children of enslaved Africans were routinely separated from their parents when their parents were “sold” or they were. Native American children were stolen from their families and sent to Indian boarding schools to “kill the Indian and save the man,” as Richard Henry Pratt, founder of Carlisle Indian boarding school said. Japanese families with their children were interned during World War II. The current targeting, policing and incarceration of Black and Brown people – including children – is a continuation of the tools of colonialism, which maintains a police abuse system to uphold the occupation of stolen land. 

Abolish ICE! | American Friends Service Committee