The illusion of free will


First, watch this:

Having watched it, you may now have an idea what the ‘many worlds’ hypothesis is about.

Focusing on the Schrödinger’s Cat example: when the box is opened, the universe splits into two; one in which the cat is dead, and the other in which the cat is alive. Each person continues in their own copy of the universe, oblivious to the other.

Let’s take it one step further. As explained, the entire universe is entangled. When an ‘observer’ (you) measures (interacts with) any part of it, a new branching occurs. This must mean that every time your consciousness becomes aware of some aspect of your surroundings, a new universe branch appears; one that reflects the information you perceived.

A new universe is thus created every time you make a decision, no matter how trivial.

Now: choose an arm, left or right. Raise that arm above…

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