Henry A. Giroux | The Ghost of Fascism in the Age of Trump

Rise Up Times

Economic pillage has reached new and extreme levels and is now accompanied by a ravaging culture of viciousness and massive levels of exploitation and human suffering. Trump has turned language into a weapon with his endless lies and support for white nationalism, nativism, racism and state violence. This is a language that legitimates ignorance while producing an active silence and complicity in the face of an emerging corporate fascist state.

President Trump giving his State of the Union address in January. (Shealah Craighead / White House)

By Henry A. Giroux  Truthdig  February 15, 2018

 Informal educational apparatuses, particularly the corporate-controlled media, appear increasingly to be on the side of tyranny. In fact, it would be difficult to overly stress the growing pedagogical importance of the old and new media and the power they now have on the political imaginations of countless Americans.

In the age of Trump, history neither…

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