Trump continues claiming someone he knows saw plane ‘loaded with thugs’

Trump and his administration have continued to push fear of left-wing Trump and his administration have continued to push fear of left-wing mobs while ignoring right-wing violence. After saying believers in the violent QAnon conspiracy theory “are people that love our country” last month, on Monday Trump said Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old accused of killing two people in Wisconsin last week, may have acted in self-defense. 

Yahoo Trump continues claiming someone he knows saw plane ‘loaded with thugs’

Trump is fear mongering about ANTIFA, which stands for anti fascist. By definition, Trump is a fascist billionaire taking over all government agencies, as well as public resources like the Postal Services, as he attacks anyone who claims to be anti fascist. Anti fascists are the soldiers who fought Hitler in WWII. They had weapons and were forced to use them against fascists. Now we are facing the same problem in the US. Which side are we supporting? Fascism, or Anti fascism?

It is also not possible to use the defense of self defense, if a person is committing multiple crimes before the ‘event’ in question. The 17 year old was violating multiple felony laws, as was his mother, before anything happened.