Organizer of Trump boat parades to be charged with a felony

One of the standout aspects of Steve Bannon’s We Build the Wall/GoFundMe money laundering indictment is that one of the other men indicted, Brian Kolfage, is a Trump boating enthusiast who seems to have used almost $1 million of the ill-gotten Wall funds to buy a boat for himself. The boat was seen participating in one of the not-actually-popular but headline-grabbing Trump boat parades. These parades were organized by Florida man Carlos Gavidia. 

Guess what? Gavidia is expected to be charged with a felony for sending a threatening text to a neighbor. According to The Palm Beach Post, Gavidia is expected to surrender to Palm Beach authorities on Tuesday morning. Gavidia reportedly says his threatening text was in self-defense, due to harassment he has received because of his support of Donald Trump.

Daily Kos Organizer of Trump boat parades to be charged with a felony

subtropolis I just knew that this guy was a parasite.

Before he became an advocate for Trump, Gavidia co-owned a credit card processing business called Direct Connect.

Gavidia was sued in Palm Beach County Circuit Court in February 2009 by two investors who said they had invested $4 million in Direct Connect but failed to see any returns. Gavidia was accused in the lawsuit of running a “racketeering enterprise” in order to defraud investors.