Booze sales are booming – CNN

New York (CNN Business) The coronavirus pandemic has forced millions of Americans to stay home, and they’re drinking a lot of alcohol to pass time — for now.

Alcoholic beverage sales shot up 55% in the third week of March compared to the same time a year ago, according to Nielsen. That’s when several states, including New York, ordered people to “shelter in place.” Those social distancing guidelines limited people from hanging out and restaurants and bars were ordered to close. However, many stores selling alcohol — including liquor outlets or grocery stores — stayed open.

Booze sales are booming as people stockpile alcohol … but it may not last – CNN

AGR; hard alcohol sales are WAY UP, just like GUN SALES.. Domestic violence is way up, as is DEPRESSION, and SUICIDES..

But at the same time, all of the facilities that help people with these issues and other addictions are all closed down. What could go wrong?