DNC Cut Opposition to Fossil Fuel Subsidies From Platform

“I’m seething with rage right now,” RL Miller, the head of Climate Hawks Vote and a DNC delegate, said in an email. “Thousands of climate hawks spoke out in favor of ending fossil fuel subsidies. They spoke out in complete harmony with Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris, both of whom campaigned on ending fossil fuel subsidies.”

It is also a reminder that despite the fossil fuel industry’s financial freefall, it continues to tip the balance of US politics away from serious climate action.”

Globally, governments pump into the fossil fuel industry $5 trillion in direct and indirect subsidies (the U.S. is responsible for $649 billion of that share).The public’s money is being spent to strangle the life out of the planet. One document alone won’t completely alter the course we’re on, obviously. But the platform is a chance for Democrats to show how they plan to govern from the White House to statehouses for the next four years if they win power. Unfortunately, it shows they aren’t ready to use that power to take on the most polluting industry on Earth.

earther.gizmodo DNC Cut Opposition to Fossil Fuel Subsidies From Platform