Muhammad Ali and me

Quakers, social justice and revolution

Athletes are once again demonstrating leadership to call attention to, and demand change to stop injustice. It has been amazing to see kneeling during the national anthem, for which Colin Kaepernick was vilified, now supported by athletes and supporters of all sports.

We are being reminded of how Muhammad Ali was similarly treated when he refused to participate with the military draft during the Vietnam War. His courage in doing so. The example he set that continues to inspire us today.

In the national memory of the Vietnam War, anyone who violated draft laws is typically seen as selfish, cowardly and unpatriotic. It was one thing for civil rights activists to confront the government by breaking the law; by 1967, many of them were regarded as among the nation’s finest citizens. But if a citizen defied the draft laws to take a similar stand, few saw it as the resisters…

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