Oregon Police Inundated by False Reports of Antifa Arson

FOUR POLICE DEPARTMENTS in parts of Oregon ravaged by wildfires — propelled by high winds across parched land during hot, dry weather in a changing climate — are pleading with the public to stop calling 911 to pass on unfounded rumors that antifascist political activists have intentionally set the blazes.

The false claims have been spread on social networks by supporters of President Donald Trump, who has spent months pretending that antifascists in the Pacific Northwest dedicated to confronting white supremacists are members of an imaginary army of domestic terrorists called Antifa.

Primed by that fear-mongering, the president’s supporters have fallen hard for internet hoaxes falsely claiming that antifascist arsonists have been caught in the act.

theintercept. Oregon Police Inundated by False Reports of Antifa Arson

AGR; Putting together the terms fascist and antifa, requires a person who does not understand the meaning of either one of these words.