PTSD expert Seth Norrholm: Americans “are being psychologically abused by Donald Trump”

The American people should know by now that Donald Trump does not care about their safety, health or well-being. Yet again, Donald Trump has betrayed his presidential oath of office. From his coronavirus pandemic to a democracy under siege from his authoritarian movement, a failed economy, an increase in right-wing violence and terrorism, and a public embrace of white supremacy, Trump and his regime are emotionally and physically abusing the American people.

In this conversation, Dr. Norrholm explains how Donald Trump’s behavior towards the American people resembles that of a domestic abuser. He also details how Donald Trump and his regime are causing the American people to experience symptoms and behaviors similar to PTSD — and that post-Trump PTSD will impact the country’s public health for many years into the future. Norrholm also offers advice on how the American people can handle the increase in stress and anxiety as Election Day 2020 approaches in the midst of a deadly pandemic and Trump’s escalating threats and violence.

Then there is the other side, with Fox News and other right-wing news media which Trump’s followers listen to. That side is proceeding with, “This is how we have to defend our position.” That is when we see cult psychology, a shared psychosis where the members have to radically defend their positions because the alternative is admitting that they were wrong. It is as if American society has lost the ability to admit wrong and apologize where whole groups of partisans and Trumpists can’t simply say, “Look, I read the situation wrong and I made a mistake.”

But what happens when those steps do not work to stop the abuse? That cycle has a compounding negative cumulative impact.

The American people are being psychologically abused by Donald Trump. Consider all the reports about his criminality from the Russia scandal onward, the whistleblowers, all the cumulative evidence.

Yahoo PTSD expert Seth Norrholm: Americans “are being psychologically abused by Donald Trump”