What Really Happened in Berlin? CHD’s Senta Depuydt Was There • Children’s Health Defense

Caught between the imperatives of international strategy and the growing discontent within the population, the German government seems to be losing its footing since the demonstration on August 1st, which brought together more than 800,000 people, many chanting “Angela, dein Volk ist da,” which translates, “your people are there.” Indeed, in the face of the “deaf ear” of politics, many members of the movement are now calling for the establishment of a new national assembly to guarantee the rights of the constitution. Inspired in part by yellow vests in France, workshops were born throughout Germany, witnessing the emergence of a popular will in search of sovereignty.

As expected, the Berlin authorities tried to ban the August 29 demonstration just before the event. However, as Germany has been scarcely affected by the epidemic, it is becoming increasingly difficult to impose a general health emergency. Unable to “ban” any demonstration, they withdrew the specific authorization for that event. The response from the organizers was swift. Always anxious to respect the rule of law, they asked their members to make new requests for demonstrations individually. Within hours, more than 6,000 people filled out and submitted the necessary documents. Police stations were flooded with requests from the legal team, while YouTubers relayed the maneuver live to hundreds of thousands of amused spectators. At the same time, the movement was appealing the decision to a federal court. Excitement was high when an influencer dropped the scoop of Kennedy’s arrival on social media. The next morning, it was announced that the federal court had ruled in favour of the protesters and that the event would move forward.

Querdenken or “think differently” is the name of the organization behind the protest. It’s a non-partisan movement that brings together citizens shocked by the deprivations of freedoms imposed on German citizens with the onset of the coronavirus crisis. The movement challenges the legitimacy of containment and the imposition of mask-wearing, as well as the testing or tracking measures associated with the pandemic agenda, believing that these are disproportionate and do not justify the infringement of individual freedoms. It also contests the way in which these regulations are made, their lack of transparency, the lack of respect for the debate, and the absence of a vote.

What Really Happened in Berlin? CHD’s Senta Depuydt Was There • Children’s Health Defense