Could Q really be a pig farmer named Jim Watkins?

By 2016, Watkins was a pig farmer and the moneyman for 8chan, the anything-goes imageboard Splinter dubbed “the world’s most vile website.” This site, which has since been shut down, was associated with a host of reprehensible content, including child pornography and content that has been connected to multiple mass shootings by white supremacists.

In 2013, a software developer named Frederick Brennan created 8chan (users called it “infinitychan”) in the mold of 4chan, the original unregulated imageboard, but with even fewer restrictions. Since 8chan didn’t have advertising, it had little impetus to moderate content, but it also didn’t make any money. Brennan transferred ownership of the site to Watkins in 2015.

While the identity of Q remains unknown, Brennan and other online sleuths have found evidence that they argue suggests Watkins could be Q. In addition to owning 8kun, Twitter users determined that Watkins also owns the domain for, one of the sites that alerts Q followers that a Q drop has been posted. Could Q really be a pig farmer named Jim Watkins?