Polestar 2 Review | Electric Cars 2020

The Takeaway: Polestar is a new car company with the resources of a big automotive corporation—Volvo and its parent company, Geely. Its first all-electric sedan is a polished, high-tech, legitimate alternative to the Tesla Model 3, but with slightly less range.


Base Price: $59,900 (not including $7,500 EV rebate)

Range: 291 miles (Polestar estimates “mid-200s” for typical use )

Power: 408 hp, 487 lb.-ft.

Zero to 60: 4.45 sec.

Battery capacity: 78 kWh

Charge time (11kW home box, zero to 100%): 8 hours

Charge time (public 150kW DC fast charger, zero to 80%): 40 minutes

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