Study Links Tylenol Consumption with Risk Taking | GreenMedInfo has compiled 236 studies related to acetaminophen’s toxicity, and a European Journal of Hospital Pharmacy editorial concluded, “We have considerable evidence that as well as not being particularly effective, neither is it particularly safe.”[14] Some of the health risks linked to acetaminophen use include:[15]

Increased mortality

Cardiovascular adverse events, including heart attackstroke and fatal coronary artery disease

Gastrointestinal adverse events, including gastroduodenal ulcers and upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage

Acute liver failure necessitating transplantation

Abnormal liver function

What’s more, acetaminophen has been shown to be ineffective for treating back pain, “practically ineffective” for arthritis and “in the least effective quartile of drugs” for treating postoperative pain. It’s also only modestly effective for migraines and tension-type headaches, while no evidence shows that it works to relieve pain related to cancer, menstrual cramps, rheumatoid arthritis or the neck.[16]

Study Links Tylenol Consumption with Risk Taking | GreenMedInfo