Led to each other

Quakers, social justice and revolution

I know the Spirit leads us to what we are supposed to do. Resist the draft. Don’t own a car. Work in a children’s hospital.

The Spirit also leads us to people, to each other.

Raised in the Bear Creek community, I didn’t think about how all these people came to be there. As a child I just thought things had always been the way they were. But attending Scattergood Friends School, community was the major part of our education. We were taught to pay attention to our own community, most powerfully because the school functioned as a community. And, because of that, we developed deep bonds with each other that we carried throughout our lives.

Then we began to create our own families, biological and/or not. The most intimate communities, besides the families we grew up in.

Many of us became involved with university and workplace communities. Each not…

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