Japan After Abe Shinzo: Suga Has Inherited Abe’s “Beautiful Japan”. What Will Happen to It? – Counter Information

Racial discrimination is still flourishing in Japan, especially under Abe’s rule. The conviction of the superiority of the Japanese race leads inevitably to racial discrimination. The tradition of racism of Kishi is inherited by Abe. A great number of foreigners in Japan have had experience of racial discrimination. According to a survey, racial discrimination is practiced in many areas of activities. For instance in 2008, 38% of foreigners were refused to stay at inns; 70% of foreigners were refused by landlords of rental dwellings. And, many restaurants refuse the foreigners, the “Gaijing”.

Those races who are the targets of the most harsh racial discrimination are Asians, especially Koreans and Chinese. There may be many reasons for singling out Koreans as targets of Japanese prejudice. In reality, it should be the other way round. Koreans should dislike Japanese. After all, Japan was planning to make Koreans its slaves. Nevertheless, Japanese in Korea are welcome and well treated. Then, why do the Japanese hate so much the Koreans? The possible reason is that Koreans who are, in the eyes of Japanese, an inferior race have become Japan’s rival in economic performance, military strength and diplomatic achievements. This is a reality which Japanese cannot accept, especially Abe and his friends.

For Abe and his party, LDP, the model of such authoritarian government is the Hitler model. Kishi was a fervent admirer of Nazism. Abe Shinzo is a Nazi sympathiser. Some of his ministers were or are members of the Japan Nazi Party. Hitler’s Mein Kamp is taught at schools. Hitler’s Election Strategy is popular among the members of the Nippon Gaigi.

Japan After Abe Shinzo: Suga Has Inherited Abe’s “Beautiful Japan”. What Will Happen to It? – Counter Information