Small Business Outwits Tyrannical Masking Bylaw (Without Breaking the Rules)

Almut added: “[We have] had calls from all over Ontario and new customers are coming in because of the sign.” Can you imagine? Canadians seeking a place to buy food without being ridiculed. Canada is probably one of the most “inclusive” countries in the world. A non-binary transvestite, with blue skin and five fishing hooks piercing each lip, can walk into a store without being ridiculed in anyway. Yet if you dare enter many stores (not Pfennings!) with a friendly and smiling face you could easily be subject to public shaming because of a fashionable public health dictate that lacks any scientific evidence.

In addition to new customers, the sign also attracted the attention of the local by-law officer. “We had three complaints to the law by customers,” Almut told me. “Had the by-law officer here, standing and studying [the “No Mask? We won’t ask”] sign for a while. She did come in but could not fault us for anything.”

Whatever freedoms the laws of your land let you exercise, exercise them to the max. Let’s look to the courageous example of Pfenning’s Organic & More. They didn’t let snitching customers intimidate them into bowing down to tyrannical dictates (masquerading as protection) from their local government. Almut and Wolfgang stood their ground, have retained their liberty to operate their store with humanity and kindness; while attracting new, like-minded customers who can come (without a mask) to their store, or order online and have Wolfgang (without a mask) deliver to their door.

Small Business Outwits Tyrannical Masking Bylaw (Without Breaking the Rules) – Global ResearchGlobal Research – Centre for Research on Globalization