Trump stages sham Mideast “peace” ceremony on White House lawn

The proximity of the anniversaries and Trump’s absurd preening and posturing Tuesday as the architect of the so-called “Abraham Accords” and a new era of peace in the Middle East recall nothing so much as Marx’s adage: the first time tragedy, the second time farce.

The 1978 deal initiated the process of “normalization” of relations between Israel and the Arab regimes, all of which assisted in the repression of the Palestinian movement and the annihilation of its leaders. With the 1993 accord, the PLO abandoned any pretense of a struggle for the liberation of Palestine, instead establishing the corrupt Palestinian Authority, whose principal purpose is policing the Palestinian population of the occupied territories in collaboration with Israel’s security forces.

The deals signed Tuesday—a treaty between Israel and the UAE and a “declaration” of intent between the Zionist state and Bahrain, which was dragged into the process at the last minute without any formal agreement negotiated—have nothing whatsoever to do with “peace.”

In the first place, there has never been a shot fired in anger between the Gulf sheikdoms and Israel. Rather, the deals formalize what were already existing and barely concealed commercial, governmental and military ties between the venal and dictatorial Sunni Arab monarchies and Tel Aviv

Trump stages sham Mideast “peace” ceremony on White House lawn – Counter Information