The White House tried to cover up Hope Hicks’ test results, may be covering up truth about Trump

According to Meadows, Trump travelled to Minnesota on Wednesday accompanied by his usual entourage, including adviser Hope Hicks. Then, on Thursday morning, Hicks tested positive for COVID-19. Despite this result, and despite the fact that Trump and Hicks had spent time together just hours earlier, Trump went on to a New Jersey fundraiser on Thursday afternoon. It wasn’t until almost 11 PM on Thursday evening that Trump mentioned to Fox News that Hicks had tested positive and that he and Melania Trump were being tested. And finally, just before 1 AM, Trump tweeted to say that his test results were positive and that he would “begin recovery immediately.”

That timeline is shocking all on it’s own, because it says that Trump knew he had been exposed to someone with an active case of COVID-19, but continued to not just go out to large public gatherings, but do so without bothering to wear a mask. That means everyone who travelled with or interacted with Trump in New Jersey was exposed. All of those people should be self-isolating and seeking a test.

One thing that’s very clear is that the White House kept the positive result from Hicks a secret. It wasn’t Trump’s tweet that broke the news to the nation, it was Bloomberg reporter Jennifer Jacobs, who released the information hours before Trump fessed up. Even then, it seems that Jacobs had known for some time, but held back to protect sources. That’s because, as Bloomberg reported after Trump’s own positive result was announced, “Only a very small circle of people knew that Hicks had tested positive, and senior staff had hoped to keep that information private…”

DailyKos The White House tried to cover up Hope Hicks’ test results, may be covering up truth about Trump