Charts the COVID hysterics prefer to keep from you

Wake Up To The Truth

In the midst of all the misinformation and panic, there’s some good work being done on COVID, including at the state level.

I’ve already told you about Jennifer Cabrera, who does excellent work on Florida. Today let’s talk Minnesota, courtesy of the Twitter account @COVID_clarity.

Remember when we were told to “flatten the curve” in order to relieve potential pressure on the hospital system? That was the stated purpose behind the so-called mitigation measures. And except very briefly here and there, hospitals wound up never in fact being overwhelmed. To the contrary, hospitals were emptier than usual. In April alone, 1.4 million jobs were lost in health care across the country.

Minnesota residents were told, during the “flatten the curve” stage, that every single hospital bed in the state of Minnesota would be occupied by a COVID patient. Hence the urgency of doing something.

That never came close to being true, as…

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