The Coronavirus Is Never Going Away – The Atlantic

The coronavirus is simply too widespread and too transmissible. The most likely scenario, experts say, is that the pandemic ends at some point—because enough people have been either infected or vaccinated—but the virus continues to circulate in lower levels around the globe. Cases will wax and wane over time. Outbreaks will pop up here and there. Even when a much-anticipated vaccine arrives, it is likely to only suppress but never completely eradicate the virus. (For context, consider that vaccines exist for more than a dozen human viruses but only one, smallpox, has ever been eradicated from the planet, and that took 15 years of immense global coordination.) We will probably be living with this virus for the rest of our lives.

The Coronavirus Is Never Going Away – The Atlantic

AGR; So how long are people around the world going to tolerate being locked up under house arrest, being forced to social distance, and wear masks, all for something like a cold or flu virus, that will be around forever?

Remember that this is a virus which mutates rapidly, just like the flu, so it will come back year after year in ‘new’ and genetically different varieties. No vaccine can keep up these rapid mutations, just like the flu vaccines find it impossible to keep up with the rapidly mutating flu bugs.