The Great Barrington Declaration – Aging with Dignity

“Focused Protection” is a measured, data-based approach that could help end the lockdowns that disproportionally harm the old and vulnerable I just signed the Great Barrington Declaration petition, and I encourage you to read it and do the same.

The Great Barrington Declaration was drafted by three pre-eminent infectious disease epidemiologists –a professor at Harvard, a professor at Oxford, and a professor at Stanford Medical School.  Their political views are widely divergent, but their analysis on the lockdown strategies, school and small business closures and public health strategies on COVID are not.  The Wall Street Journal published a compelling editorial in promotion of the Declaration.  Thousands of medical and public health professionals have signed on to this new strategy, termed “Focused Protection”, proposed by the authors.  I have argued for such a measured, data-based approach for many months, as regular readers of this blog know.

The Great Barrington Declaration – Aging with Dignity