Coronavirus vaccine: Oxford AstraZeneca trial volunteer dies in Brazil – The Washington Post

Under the trial’s protocol, half the participants receive the experimental vaccine, and half receive an established meningitis vaccine that has been proved safe. The trial, like others, is overseen by an independent board that reviews all adverse events. Any severe event that might have been caused by the vaccine would trigger a pause in the study for an investigation. The trial is not paused due to the death.

São Paulo Gov. João Doria has said state health workers will begin receiving a Chinese vaccine before the end of the year. Other groups will then follow. Doria has said the vaccine will be obligatory in Brazil’s most populous state.

Coronavirus vaccine: Oxford AstraZeneca trial volunteer dies in Brazil – The Washington Post

This is not a ‘scientific’ vaccine trial. To be scientific, the vaccine trial participants would either get the vaccine or a PLACEBO, like inert WATER, not another vaccine.

All vaccines have negative side effects, period, just like drugs. How many drug trial do they do, where they give half the participants a new drug, and the other half an ‘old’ drug? NONE. They give half the participants a placebo, like a corn starch or sugar.

There is no science here, just a mock pretend worship of vaccine gods, comparing one vaccine against another.

For those who do not believe this, ask for and get a vaccine insert, which lists all vaccine side effects, or look it up online.

Bottom line, these Coronavirus vaccine trials consist of scientism, not science. Pretending that these ‘trials’ are scientific is like believing in a flat earth.