Principles of a Progressive Foreign Policy for the United States | Win Without War

We must build a sustainable, human-centered economy, and encourage those in the global economy to do the same. We must end our role as the largest purveyor of violence in the world by eliminating the economic incentives for corporations to profiteer off of human suffering and environmental exploitation. We recognize our endless wars and exploitative economic policies are often driven by corporations who benefit from the expansion of conflict around the world. We must reconceptualize our national security spending to instead invest in people, programs, and industries that empower individuals, workers, institutions, and communities to support human needs.

Ending economic, racial, and gender inequality around the world and dismantling global oligarchy are fundamental to creating a world economy that works for everyone. Our international economic policies must empower people, not corporations. We must prioritize championing the right to organize collectively in order to build an international economic system that uplifts the poorest, gives workers around the world a fair playing field, and upholds the same basic rights and dignity for all people regardless of who they are, who they love, who they pray to, or where they live.

The location of someone’s birth should never confine them to poverty, war, or environmental insecurity. The United States must safeguard universal human rights to dignity, equality, migration, and refuge. All people have the right to seek opportunity, safety, and stability through migration. We must always prioritize approaches based on human dignity and diplomacy over those that vilify or dehumanize others, or use coercion or force. Our investments in the United States and abroad must reflect our shared stake in the health and well-being of the world’s most marginalized populations, the planet, and in recognition of our mutual interests.

Principles of a Progressive Foreign Policy for the United States | Win Without War