STUDY: SARS-CoV-2 Infections and Serologic Responses from a Sample of U.S. Navy Service Members — USS Theodore Roosevelt, April 2020

This study proves that a ship cannot prevent viral transmission, because of close working conditions, and living quarters where people are crammed together in close confined spaces.

AGR; How are the various military services going to do masks, social distancing and isolation on board very cramped quarters which are the norm inside subs, ships, dormitories of military bases, and more?

Bottom line, the public health experts are wrong when they claim that social distancing, masks and isolation works everywhere, as this study proves. What Dr Fauci and others like him are claiming will NEVER work inside any population or community like the military,

Why not?

Masks do not block viruses.

Cramped quarters with common air supply that help spread viruses, whether that is family living together, senior facilities, military bases, ships, trains, planes, subs, cruise liners, elevators, only help spread the virus faster and better.