Election Day Filled with Intimidation, Finishes with DDT’s Demented Speech | Nel’s New Day

The GOP leader, Mike Roman, began his reputation in 1993 by persuading a judge to throw out hundreds of mail-in ballots to seat his candidate, Bruce Marks, in the Pennsylvania State Senate after the Democratic candidate received more votes. As DDT railed against vote-by-mail, he focused only on that state, ignoring the other 80+ percent of states also using the same method. Roman ran GOP mega-donors Charles and David Koch’s political network intelligence unit. With volunteers from DDT’s “Army for Trump” website, Roman collected 50,000 supporters plus paid full-time staff in only 11 battleground states. Marks made his legal career representing wealthy Ukrainian and Russian clients.

GOP intimidation continued throughout the day. Robocalls in heavily Democratic Flint (MI) told people to wait until Wednesday—the day after Election Day—to vote because the lines will be shorter. This message is like last year’s scam when robocalls told people that Republicans should vote on Tuesday (Election Day) and Democrats on Wednesday (the day after Election Day). Once again Republicans figure they can’t win if they don’t cheat. Residents in Kansas, Michigan, Nebraska, and North Carolina received threatening robocalls telling them to “stay safe and stay home,” and other robocalls in Michigan also told people about “ballot sensor issues.”  

Again, DDT’s press secretary Kayleigh McEnany violated the Hatch Act, like many of DDT’s “loyalists,” by politicking for her boss on Fox network. She told the hosts of Fox & Friend that “Democrat [sic] cities” will “send The Left out to attack you” if “you don’t choose The Left’s chosen candidate.” McEnany argued “the left should not be given federal power” and then called for “democracy,” which DDT hates. She made her comments after DDT repeatedly praised a group of his supporters, who he called “patriots,” for attempting to run Biden supporters off an interstate in Texas.

Georgia, where Gov. Brian Kemp seemingly rigged the computers in the past, had to resort to paper ballots after the computers broke—again. A poll worker said the scanners were locked and election workers couldn’t get into the machines. The county said it wouldn’t extend voting hours without a court order. The problem was finally diagnosed as faulty loading of information, and the court did extend voting hours to 11:00 pm. The state also delayed delivery of voting equipment to Democratic areas such as Fulton County, the center of Atlanta. Two years ago, Georgia didn’t provide power cords for voting machines and locked up 2,000 voting machines so they weren’t available to areas with high Democratic turnout.

Election Day Filled with Intimidation, Finishes with DDT’s Demented Speech | Nel’s New Day