Could Charles Booker have beaten McConnell? Social media says yes

Shortly after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell defeated Democratic challenger Amy McGrath to retain his seat, many took to Twitter to say that a different Democratic candidate would have stood a better chance in Kentucky. McGrath, a retired Marine fighter pilot, narrowly defeated state Rep. Charles Booker, with the latter making the race surprisingly close in its final weeks. McGrath far outspent Booker, but only ended up winning by roughly 15,000 votes. Emma Vigeland, a former reporter and producer at The Young Turks, wrote in a tweet about McGrath’s loss: “At least Charles Booker would have stood a chance.” Saira Rao, a former Democratic congressional nominee out of Colorado, expressed a similar sentiment.

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“Charles Booker could have beaten Mitch McConnell,” Rao tweeted. “But the white Democratic establishment decided to go with a conservative white woman over a progressive Black man. Choosing whiteness over their own interests. As usual.”

amp.courier-journal Could Charles Booker have beaten McConnell? Social media says yes