Take Our Quiz To Discover Your Spirit Name! | Soul and Spirit

Adopting a name that resonates with you on a vibrational level is a great way to commit to your spiritual path. You don’t have to change it legally or ask your work colleagues to use it if it’s not appropriate. Instead, you can use it when engaging in spiritual practices such as asking your angels for guidance, performing spells, meditation or trying out astral travel. “In certain Native American cultures, spirit names were revered and kept secret because they were thought to carry magical power. So when you discover yours, you may like to keep it to yourself,” says Denise.

1 Make sure you are sitting comfortably, with your back against a tree or firm support.

2 Quieten your mind, slow your breathing and imagine entering a sacred space. Next, call on your guides with gratitude, integrity and respect for this ancient ceremony.

Take Our Quiz To Discover Your Spirit Name! | Soul and Spirit