Why Spiritual Names are Important & How to Acquire Yours

We all know that names are used to identify places, things and persons.  A name is just a name to some, especially here in our western cultures.  However, within many ancient cultures there is an inner-standing that there is a greater meaning of names and the weights they tend to bear on a soul because Your name, when spoken, announces you and identifies your soul energy.

It used to be that when a child was born that the naming process was required, regarded and respected.  This was a deep, careful and lengthy process that was only completed by those divined to do so.  A tribalman would, on behalf of a family, discover the name of the newly born.  This revelation of the name was considered to define the path of the child and his/her life but sometimes a name was not yet ready to be released.  Some children would go nameless until it was spoken or provided by the divine ones that imparted the wisdom.  Until said time, that child would live nameless.  The natives felt a certain scarring of the soul would take place if even a temporary name was placed inapproptiately.  This is just how important this was to them in their understanding.  This sacred naming process is still used in various cultures but a little lessened than before.

Some cultures that are still familiar with the practice truly know the magic that exist within a name and how it should NOT  be taken lightly.  Native American, eastern Indian and African cultures still consider this to be an imperative process because a name is a mark…. it is the verbal mark that will be embedded upon that child for eternity or at least of this lifetime.  A name with heavy connotation will leave definite energetic impressions on anyone that they encounter and can more importantly alter the path of the soul that carries the name.  It matters not that the person is incorrectly perceived.  The vibration impression has taken place and can stick with them for life or until they change their name.  It’s quite a tricky thing when it comes to sound vibration i.e. our names.  We know so little still about how sound frequency affects the psyche and the auric and soul levels from person to person; but this knowledge is growing, so I have hope our humanity will grow to understand this knowledge in the years to come.

goddessharmony Why Spiritual Names are Important & How to Acquire Yours