Winning By Cheating And Stealing; Election Day Mayhem Began Two Years Ago With Massive Voter Purges

You didn’t hear this in the cable TV chatter: In the two years leading up to this election, Georgia’s GOP secretary of state quietly wiped away the voter registrations of 198,351 voters — based on false information.

Call it “The Great Purge” — overwhelmingly wiping away the voting rights of young voters and voters of color. In other words, voters who might be more likely to vote blue.

I’m not guessing the number of wrongly purged voters. I directed a team of experts that identified each victim voter for a report issued by the ACLU of Georgia, titled, “Georgia Voter Roll Purge Errors.” (Rather than read this technical report, you can just watch the movie, The Purged: The Vanished Voters of Trump’s America, a 14-minute flick hosted by Leonardo DiCaprio.) Our expert team, working with Black Voters Matter, a 501(c)4 group dedicated to expanding Black voter engagement, discovered the same game had been played with the voter rolls of Michigan, North Carolina and threatened voters in Wisconsin.

truthout Election Day Mayhem Began Two Years Ago With Massive Voter Purges