Ballot Curing: An Election Protection Tool for 2020 – Bloomberg

In an election with far more mail-in ballots cast than usual, Democrat and Republican operatives are mobilizing to “cure” ballots in battlegrounds where tight races depend on ballot counts still underway. The little-known tool is getting the spotlight this year, as election protection efforts adapt to troubleshooting voting challenges that primarily happened through the mail rather than in-person, where they can be monitored in real time. 

Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona and Nevada are among the states where canvassers are knocking on doors, making phone calls and sending texts to voters whose ballots were rejected for signature issues. Curing can also include provisional ballots that were cast without proper identification.

During early voting for the 2020 election, voters whose ballots were rejected for errors were more likely to be Black or Latino, according to a Los Angeles Times analysis. Most states allow voters to “cure” such problems and several give extra time to do so following Election Day, though only 18 have laws that require counties to notify voters of signature issues. Outside of those states, voters can check the status of their ballots using online trackers or by contacting registrars directly.

Ballot Curing: An Election Protection Tool for 2020 – Bloomberg