Elon Musk: Tesla almost went bankrupt during Model 3 ramp

In 2018, a decade after Tesla’s first dance with bankruptcy (a last-minute $US40 million bailout from Daimler saved the company on Christmas Eve), Musk agreed to work for free in return for the right to buy Tesla stock at the 2018 market price if he could increase the company’s profits, market capital value and revenue.

Seemingly defending the stock options agreement which earned him more than $US11 billion ($A15.38 billion) while employees were furloughed due to the pandemic, Musk referred to his plan for humanity to colonise Mars, which drives his space exploration company, SpaceX.

Trump’s anti-climate action and EV stance has been countered by presidential aspirant Joe Biden with a $US2 trillion climate and energy package that includes reinstating the full federal EV tax credit, compensating drivers for retiring old fossil-fuelled vehicles, and buying 3 million EVs for government fleets

thedriven Elon Musk: Tesla almost went bankrupt during Model 3 ramp