A society that can live with its conscience

Quakers, social justice and revolution

Yesterday was a day I’ll never forget. It seemed so many others are feeling the same. Despite so many obstacles, the patience and persistence of the American people, of us, was a wonder. Those who stood in line for hours to vote. The young people who worked at the polling places so those more at risk to contract the coronavirus could stay home. Those who worked for months on campaign staffs.

What surprised, and moved me, were the spontaneous celebrations, thousands of people going into the streets. Hearing the deeply emotional words of those thankful for the possibilities of better days in our politics. The cautious reawakening of hope.

But what also surprised me were the millions who voted for a second term for the current administration. There can be differences of opinion about policy issues and legislation.

But what has been almost unbearable have been the actions of this…

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