Kamala Harris Is Not A “Left Radical” Or A “Marxist”, By Paul Street – Dandelion Salad

As both a Bay Area prosecutor (1990–2003) and California Attorney General (2003–2016), the Big Business-backed Harris earned a reputation as a friend of the police and an agent of racially disparate mass incarceration. She boasted of her high felony conviction rates, achieved with significant violations of defendant rights. She fought back any attempts to change California’s vicious prison system, institute a criminal justice reform and abolish the death penalty.

She even resisted a court order to release low-risk inmates by arguing that it could cost California an important source of cheap labor to be used, at risk to their lives, to fight wildfires for $2 a day.

Anyone who thinks ‘Copmala’ Harris was a criminal justice ‘progressive’ should watch a short TED-style talk she gave on behalf of racist mass incarceration at the Chicago Ideas Week conference in 2015. One really must take in her derisive voice and body language as she launched into a scornful attack on reformers’ supposedly naïve call to move taxpayer money from mass imprisonment to education:

“We all have these posters [sarcastic posture] in our closet [pained look on face] that is attached to a stick that we sometimes will cart out when we’re talking about criminal justice … and we run around with these signs [disdainful face] … ‘Build More Schools, Less Jails! Build More Schools, Less Jails!’ And we walk around everywhere – ‘Build More Schools!’ We protest [mocking face, hand pretending to hold up a placard] … ‘Put money into education, not prisons!’ [loud mocking squeaky voice]. There’s a fundamental problem with that approach, in my opinion. And it’s this: …You have not addressed the reason I have three padlocks on my front door.”

Kamala Harris Is Not A “Left Radical” Or A “Marxist”, By Paul Street – Dandelion Salad