I used to like politics. Now, it’s just a somber duty to resist fascism.

The last time something like this happened was in the aftermath of the 1860 election, when the southern states who voted against Abraham Lincoln decided to secede from the Union instead of accepting the results of the election. As bad as that was, at least they only tried to separate themselves from the country, rather than attempting to force the entire country to accept their preferred candidate as the victor instead of the duly-elected Lincoln.

Today, a defeated president is falsely claiming he won an election that he lost by millions of votes and several key states in the electoral college. He is forcing government officials to comply with his delusional or nefarious scheme to undermine public confidence in the election and the world’s confidence in the United States as a stable democratic country. Republicans in Congress, and even the Secretary of State, are publicly denying the fact that Joe Biden will be the next president.

In other words, politics won’t be fun anymore. It’ll be grim, somber, a grave civic duty to resist evil and preserve our basic American values from perceived threats from within our own country. It won’t be about taxes, or health care, or whatever other issue you care about. It’ll be about whether you’re for democracy or fascism.

Daily Kos I used to like politics. Now, it’s just a somber duty to resist fascism.