Powerful Presidents Are Incompatible with Liberty

The emotional investment of many Americans into the race between Trump and Biden would have shocked the drafters of the Constitution. The Constitution’s authors intended the presidency to be an office of strictly limited powers that would not impact most Americans. The Constitution authorizes the president to administer laws passed by Congress, not create laws via executive orders. The president serves as Commander-in-Chief of the military following a Congressional declaration of war, with no authority to unilaterally send troops into foreign conflict.

The Founders did not intend for the president to set the “national agenda, “ and they would be horrified to see modern presidents assume the authority to order American citizens indefinitely detained and even killed without due process.

Powerful Presidents Are Incompatible with Liberty – The Burning Platform

The ‘founders’ also did not allow corporate or billionaire influence or cash into elections. It used to be a felony for rich people to influence or buy off plus bribe politicians.

The ‘founders’ also did not envision a republic where the politicians served only the richest 1 percent, while ignoring, denying and suppressing the will of the people.

The ‘founders’ also did not envision voters being suppressed in all kinds of ways, such as gerrymandering, provisional ballots, tossing people off the voter rolls, closing polling places, not allowing mail in ballots, making access to voting difficult, denying people the right to vote, denying same day registration/voting, mass media coverage of only the Dualopoly, but never any other political party, rigging primary elections to favor only a pro 1 percent candidate, using electronic voting machines with no paper trail and no match up to actual voters, plus many other corruptions of the right to vote.