Jon Voight incites Civil War as Trump plans coup!

That Jon Voight dog whistled his hope for conservatives to begin a Civil War 2 isn’t the worst part of the video believe it or not.  The scariest part of this video is millions of Americans actually believe what he does. 

I have come to a startling and terrifying conclusion: It is not impossible for us to stumble into a set of events where Trump does not hand over power.  Why?  Because a large amount of Americans not only would accept a coup, but are actively conspiring to achieve one.

This week, Trump decapitated nearly of civilian leadership in the Pentagon.   The Secretary of State claimed there would be a transition to a second Trump administration.  Mitch McConnell met with William Barr, and afterwards Barr gave legal weight to Trump’s conspiracies leading Richard Pilger head of election crimes to resign.  

I am sure some will say my fears are exaggerated by I urge you all to take this threat seriously and perhaps even call or write your senators and congressman (state and federal) and let them know that an attempt to end our Republic will not be tolerated. 

Daily Kos Jon Voight incites Civil War as Trump plans coup!