Pat Robertson Warns Biden Presidency Will Bring Disaster | Andrew Hall

Pat Robertson told viewers of the 700 Club he has spoken with God, and the Almighty is miffed. The LORD is miffed and progressively annoyed at how His people are losing power in the greatest of all nations. The Almighty has set His seal of approval on the US and now the people went out and voted for a Catholic to be President. How is that even possible? Didn’t anyone take notice of the first time a Catholic became the chief executive? It was John F Kennedy and God’s plan specifically had the man shot in the head. Now that voters elected another one, God is planning to smite the country. Sorry, that’s just the way has to be. Check your Bibles, it’s pretty clear what God is going to do.

“God will bring down a plague on us unlike anything we’ve seen,” Robertson warned. “I read something the other day about the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918. People thought it was just the everyday flu, but it wasn’t. It killed millions worldwide. Watch out, America, God will punish us with something just like that.”

Pat Robertson Warns Biden Presidency Will Bring Disaster | Andrew Hall