Right-Wing Extremists Are Losing Their Shit Over Trump’s Loss – Angry White Men

About an hour later she tweeted again. “No matter who ultimately wins, Trump or the cheaters, we must work to get someone 1000x meaner and more nationalist than Trump in there for 2024,” she wrote. “Pay back.” Later she tweeted a screen shot of a page from the book The Death of the West by white supremacist Pat Buchanan. The chapter that was displayed was titled “The Intimidated Majority.”

White nationalist and “Unite the Right” marcher Matt Colligan excitedly tweeted on November 4, “TRUMP WON THE ELECTION. DON’T LET THEM TAKE IT.” And two days later he shared a doctored photo of Trump drawing Pepe the Frog on the border fence along with the caption, “PUT ON YOUR MAGA HAT, IT’S TIME TO DFEEND THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.”

As reported by the anti-racist organization One People’s Project, a promotional video for the event was uploaded to Telegram by Brien James, a co-founder of the racist skinhead group Vinlanders Social Club and the founder of the extremist American Guard. The video was set to the anthem of the Männerbund (male association) — an organization for young boys inspired by German philosopher Hans Blüher — which has been adopted by Neo-fascists.

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