Trump signals continuation of election coup at White House appearance – Counter Information

For their part, Biden and the Democrats continue to downplay the seriousness of the attack on democratic rights being carried out by Trump, largely presenting it as a “temper tantrum” by a sore loser. They say nothing about Trump’s incitement of fascists, including the plot exposed in September to kidnap and kill Michigan’s Democratic governor. New information has revealed that the pro-Trump militia plotters were planning to storm the state legislature and livestream their execution of the lawmakers.

The Democrats are far more fearful of an eruption of social and political opposition from below to an attempted overthrow of the Constitution than they are of a fascistic dictatorship. Their cowardly and duplicitous posture is indicated by Biden’s choice to head his transition team, long-time Democratic operative Ron Klain.

Klain, then a top aide to Al Gore, oversaw the Gore campaign’s recount effort in Florida in the 2000 election. That ended in the theft of Florida and therefore the election as a whole and the awarding by the Supreme Court of the White House to the loser of the popular vote, George W. Bush. Klain opposed any popular mobilization against the stealing of the election and supported the capitulation of Gore and the Democratic Party after the Supreme Court halted vote counting in Florida.

WSWS Trump signals continuation of election coup at White House appearance