DDT: Week 199 – Still Going Downhill | Nel’s New Day

Dictator Donald Trump’s (DDT) failing litigation is one example of his incompetence. The court case charging voter fraud but promising to bring evidence of it later was sad, as was the case Donald Trump v. USA, filed Thursday evening in the wrong court. Time after time, lawyers in different courts had to confess they had no evidence of election fraud. Marc Caputo points out many more problems.

In search of the promised fraud “evidence,” members of the new DDT-supporting “Voters Integrity Fund” are calling thousands of people and asking them if they voted in their search for fraud. With over 100 paid operators, the organization is run by federal employees and former DDT campaign staffers. The team’s director said the federal employees are “on leave.” A Christian crowdfunding site has donated over $550,000 thus far.

The DDT campaign accused two dead Georgians of voting, but the voters are truly alive. Agnes Blalock voted legally with her married name, Mrs James E. Blalock, Jr. Her husband died in 2006. DDT’s name list had no titles such as Mr. or Mrs. Although Linda Kesler died in 2003, another Linda Kesler, very much alive, cast a ballot in her own name.

DDT has caused a disaster by putting his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani in charge of litigation. Under the leadership of David Bossie, Citizens United president, DDT’s lawyers had decided to chip away with any excuse they could find. Bossie has COVID-19, and Giuliani proceeds with “full speed ahead, damn the torpedoes.” He makes flagrant allegations of voter fraud on the Fox network and orders lawsuits to be filed without the campaign’s legal team consent.

DDT: Week 199 – Still Going Downhill | Nel’s New Day